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While you are planning your wedding, you will hear some terminology that you may have no freaking clue what it means. Well here is your guide book. Get the 411 on all that lingo that may as well be a foreign language.

Cocktail Attire:

This is a style of dress that is more causal than black tie but that does not mean that you can show up in jeans and a tee shirt.

Men should be dressed in a suit and women should wear a cocktail dress or a dressy suit.

Black Tie:

This type of attire is considered formal. Men should be dressed in a tux and women should wear a full-length gown.


Save the Date:

This is like an announcement; however, it is sent out to your guests to inform them of your wedding. These are also sent out prior to the actual invitations.

Letterpress stationary:

This is a style of printing where a mirror image is etched on the back and then ink is then printed or painted on the raised letters on the front.


We use this all the time when it comes to invitations and we all know what we are supposed to do when we see it, but do you even know what it means?  Repondez s’il vous plait, when it is translated it means please reply. I think I like the untranslated version. However, this small thing can you save some insane headaches when it comes to your guest list.

Make Up Artist:

They are a professional and will make sure that you look your best on your special day. Make sure that you do a trail run first.

Food and Beverage:

This refers to the head count for catering and bar services.  Some venues will require a “minimum” or the lowest amount ordered.


Per Person:

This is the “PP” that is located next to the pricing on contracts and usually refers to the cost per person. Pay close attention to these when choosing catering and bar services.

Corkage Fee:

This is a fee that is charged for opening a bottle of wine, champagne, or alcohol. This is in addition to the price per bottle.

Charger Plates:

These are decorative plates that are placed under each place setting. They are a great way to add décor to each table.


This is an additional fee that can be added for going over your allotted time. This fee should be clearly outlined in your contracts.

Day of Coordinator:

This is the perfect solution for the couple who just wants to enjoy their wedding day. For more reasons on why to hire a wedding coordinator click here.

Certificate of Insurance:

A COI requires vendors to submit liability insurance. This way should anything happen you and the venue are not responsible.

Marriage License:

You can’t get married without it. First you must obtain it from the county clerks office and the price will vary based on the county. On the day of your wedding should you have a wedding coordinator you can then give it to them and they will ensure that it gets where it needs to be. However, if you are the DIY bride you will give it to your officiant for them to sign. Now from there your officiant or you must mail it in for it to be filed with the state. This piece of paper is what the state uses to say that you are married.


Escort and Place Cards:

These are also known as Seating cards. They let guests know where they will be sitting during the reception. This is more of an “old school” thing and it is not used as much anymore but it is still used.

Processional and Recessional

This is the order in which the bridal party will be entering and exiting the ceremony.

Best Man (BM)

This is a male friend or family member that has been designated to take care of all things groom related and usually gives a toast at the reception.

Maid of Honor (MOH)

This is a female friend or family member that has been designated to handle all things related to the bride. If the MOH is married she is called the Matron of Honor.

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