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We all know that every little girl starts planning her wedding when she is very young. Now I will be the first to say it. My "perfect" wedding when I was 8 is not the same as it was when I got married last year. Our personalities change, I wanted a to be a princess on my wedding day, but as I grew older I no longer wanted the princess fairy tale wedding. I wanted to be me and lets face it, I am NOT a princess. However there are several ways that you can add your personality and I will tell you that, Yes, some are on the more expensive side. There are ways to do it though that wont break the bank.


Theme weddings:

     I'm sure that every one has heard of theme weddings, Harry Potter weddings were BIG for a while, and who can go wrong with a Disney wedding in front of Cinderella's Castle. Now, yes, theme weddings can be expensive depending on your theme. I was once asked about a fire and ice wedding with ice sculptures dragons that breath fire.  I will admit though, if done right they can be the most fun for every one in attendance.

     I was a guest at a wedding several years ago for a pirate themed wedding. Every one showed up in costumes, the centerpieces were treasure chests full of gold and jewels. Instead of a bridal bouquet the bride carried a bottle of Kraken (for those who don't know Kraken is a brand of black spiced rum). The Invitations were perfect, They had been done as a message in a bottle with sand, shells a cocktail sword. The edges had been burned ever so slightly. They were not just an invitation they were also a keepsake. 

Pirate Wedding Ashton Villa Galveston TX


Music Sheet Flowers

     By using flowers as a way to showcase your personality you can use your favorite exotic flower or even a popular flower. And as we all know they come in a variety  of shapes sizes and colors. Flowers can even be dyed if you want a color that is not considered "common". Decorate your venue with flowers that have a significant meaning to you or your fiance.

     For the DIY bride, you can make paper flowers out of paper (comic books, books, music sheets, blank or colored), tissue, wire and wood glue that has been painted. There are several tutorials on Pintrest and Youtube. I can also do a tutorial later if any one is interested let me know in the comments below.


     If you choose to show off your personality through the venue locations, I recommend that you choose a place that has a significant meaning to you and your fiance. This is starting to become more and more popular. People are getting married in classrooms of high schools, malls, bars, ect. So if that place is where you met, had your first kiss, or got engaged. You do you.


Other Decor:

     Decor Items are a great way to present your personality to your guests. If family is a big part of who you are have an area where you can pay homage to lost loved ones or you can even have your parents and grandparents wedding photos displayed. That  is part of what makes you who you are.  Having childhood pictures of you and your fiance as table numbers is also a popular idea.  Some couples have pictures of them growing up and their relationship growing done in a slide show and having it play during the reception.



     I'm sure we have all seen photos of brides and grooms wearing customized converse that say "bride" or "Groom" "his" and "hers," whatever. But i bet you didn't know that Kate Spade just launched a new line with KEDS called the Bridal collections. They are all sneakers but they have been jeweled or glittered and they look amazing I want a pair just to have for fun. Now they do run between $80 and $100. However I am sure that you can find more than one opportunity to wear them.

Kate Spade Bridal Collection

Also I know we have seen the pictures of the groomsmen with the superhero tees and even boutonnieres that are action figures as opposed to flowers.

Action Figures as oppesed to Flowers


Be who you are and if you have an inner nerd let that nerd flag fly. And if your not a nerd, that's totally fine too. Your wedding day should be a representation of who you and your fiance are. Show off those personalities this is a day you will remember for the rest of your lives. Don't do something because its what every one else is doing be unique, be different, BE YOU.


Let us know what you think in the comments below, and if we forgot your favorite way let us know that too.