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Boots, Classic Cars and Work Outs.

Photography by Holly Seigmund. 

Boots | Engagement

How they Met

Any one who knows Courtney and Zach know that they are always going to work out, so its not so far fetched that they should meet at the gym.  One of their mutual friends had told her that they worked out at the same gold and she should keep an eye out for him. About a month or two later she saw him walk past (she knew that it was him cause of his flame tattoo on his forearm.) She was going to go up and talk to him but chickened out because he was working out with a friend.  She tried to look him up on Facebook but with no luck she gave up on that. A few weeks later, she saw him again, but he was with his friend again. well she almost didn't talk to him but at the last second she walked over introduced herself. A few days later she got a Facebook message from him asking her out. They went to dinner then Two-stepping. 

C & Z engagement | Ring | Boots
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The Proposal 

It all happened on the 30th of December 2017, They had decided to make a quick trip to the gym (surprise!!) since his parents were visiting. Zach suggested taking his 65 Nova, to which Courtney immediately shot down saying that it was too cold for them to have the nova break down. Zach completely ignored this comment and started to put their things in the car anyway. Courtney gets in the car reluctantly and they head down the road.  About 10 miles down the road with out her knowing he flips the switch for the fuel pump and the car starts to "die". Then came the I told you so look from Courtney. Thankfully they made it to a parking lot and Zach gets out to see whats wrong. 

He comes back a few minutes later saying it is the fuel pump and that they need to call AAA for a tow truck So Courtney looks up the address to where they were and Zach "calls". He then "calls" his mom to come get Courtney so she doesn't have to wait in the cold. 

After making the "calls" Zach sits back in the car. Courtney looked at him and said " this is our life waiting on a tow truck" To which he smirks and says" at least we do it together".  Zach decided to go out and have another "look" A few moments later he calls for Courtney to come give him a hand.  She got out of the car and walked around to the back to find him on one knee. She drops to her knees. Finally she is able to get the word "yes" out.  Even with all the excitement she asks if the car really broke down or if it was all part of the proposal. Zach tells her the car is fine they fire it up and head to the gym.