Tips+for+the+DIY+ Bride

Being a D.I.Y. bride is all the rage at the moment but here are a few tips and tricks to help you plan you perfect day without losing your mind

1) On your RSVP card put a line for requested song. This way you will know what your guests want to hear and they will get excited when their song comes on!

2) Don't wear a bra the morning of your wedding. it will leave marks on your back and shoulders that will be visible in pictures!

3) Ask your photographer to take a photo as you walk down the aisle to capture all the guests' faces turned to look at her.

4) I am sure we have all seen the movie 27 dresses. No body wants to help hold up your wedding dress while you go to the bathroom just like you don't want to have them help you. The easiest way to use the bathroom with out help or having to undress, is to sit on the toilet backwards facing the wall.

5) Guests are going to remember 2 things: The Food and the music. Send them home with good memories.

6 Get a wedding planning binder, keep all things wedding in it. This will help keep things organized and you have a nice keepsake for years to come.

7) Make sure to have food packed up for you. Chances are you are not going to get to eat during the receptions. (ask your caterer or a family member)

8) Before you get your dress altered make sure you can sit down in it.

9) You can rent your wedding day jewelry. This way you can get the look you always dreamed of without spending thousands of dollars.

10) Take pictures of your wedding vision with you when you have appointments for flowers, wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. (Color swatches are helpful too.)

11) Create an excel sheet for guest list management and number your RSVP cards according. This way if people don't write their name you know who it is.

12) Having a painted sign as a program instead of printed paper programs will save money.

13) Doing your own flowers will save you a ton. You can purchase flowers whole sale from several different places.

14)To save money on invitations you can print them at home. However if you still want the Invitation style stationary Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and even Walt-mart carry packs of 25 to 50 with envelopes and RSVP cards. They have templates online that can be customized and printed at home. No sense paying $300.00 when you can pay roughly $50.00 plus the cost of ink.

15) As far as catering goes, by not doing a full meal and just getting the large platters (veggie, Lunch meat, cheese, ect) you can save over 50% of the catering cost.

16) Take a moment during the reception to go to a corner and watch every one you love celebrate your union.

17) Create a call any one but the bride card  to give to your vendors. ( this is perfect if you don't have a wedding coordinator on site.) By doing this you can eliminate any unneeded stress.

18) Make sure to have an emergency kit

19) Set up 2 jars and a sign "who takes the cake?" have your guests bet to see who will have more cake on their face. This is a good way to help pay for your honeymoon.

20) Help guest get home safely with taxi info that has been displayed in an artistic way such as a frame or chalkboard.

21) To save money you can create your own playlist for FREE through Spotify and just rent the Speakers just make sure you have an AUX cord.

22) Splurge on a new perfume. It is a great way to capture the days memories. This way every time you smell it it will bring you back to your wedding day.

23) Have disposable cameras and place them throughout the reception site. when you get the picture developed you will get to see your wedding through your guest's eyes.

24) If you are having an outdoor wedding provide your bridesmaids cement blocks to stand on so their shoes don't sink into the grass

25) Get a picture of each of you holding your parents wedding photos.

26) Instead of a regular guest book have you guest Leave a "message in a bottle" that are to be opened in future anniversary years, corresponding with the number on the bottle.

27) Create a newlywed "tip" jar.

28) Create signature drinks for the wedding. one for him and one for her.

29) Create an hashtag for the wedding

30) create a Snapchat filter.