Ways to Avoid Dress Drama with your Bridesmaids.png

Bridesmaids dresses can be one of the biggest stresses of any wedding, because not every style and color is not going to look the same on everyone. Here are 7 ways to not have to deal with any drama when it comes to shopping for dresses for your girls.

Schedule a day for all of you to go shopping.

This should be a day of fun. I mean who doesn’t love shopping? Start by having a light lunch or getting pampered. Then it is off to the boutique to sample dresses. Having relaxed bridesmaids is the perfect way to avoid any dress drama that might arise.

Don’t just say no.

Just because you think it may be the perfect dress does not mean all your girls are going to think the same thing. Some may be uncomfortable with the neckline or she may feel like it doesn’t work for her body type. If she is self-conscious in the store, then she will be at the altar. Don’t make her think that your wants are more important.

Let them pick the dress

I know it is your wedding and you want it your way but keep reading before your say no. Ultimately you have the power to say yes or no, but by letting your girls choose dresses that they like you can get an idea of what they like and what is going to look good on them. This is also a great way to see their fashion personality.


Function over fashion

Chances are that not everyone is going to be able to walk in 4-inch heels let alone dance.  So, don’t tell your girls that they must wear a certain pair of shoes that they won’t be able to function in.

Go Back to the Basics

Black or white or even off white can keep that dress color drama at bay. Black dresses can flatter any figure and can instantly give a formal look for a black-tie event.


Let them accessorize

Don’t dictate the jewelry or embellishments that your girls wear. Let the accessories express the personalities of your girls. This can also make them feel more comfortable being able to wear something that they like even if they don’t like the dress. Feel free to give guidelines such as metal colors and general style. But overall don’t sweat the small stuff.

Keep in mind the budgets.

As a rule, your girls will be paying for their dresses, and not every girl is going to be able to afford a super expensive dress.  And being in the bridal party should never become a financial burden. They should never have to be put in a position where they have to say that they can’t be in your wedding because they can’t afford to pay for the dress and shoes.