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You're overflowing with love and excitement as you begin the process of planning your perfect wedding. You have started your wedding Pintrest board and possibly read every wedding blog you can find, but reality has finally started to sink in and it is time to "adult", this meas talking about wedding budgets, timelines, contracts, centerpieces, and even wedding insurance.

As a Wedding Coordinator I can take all of the "adult" responsibilities so that you and your fiance can enjoy your engagement and each other.

We have compiled a list of reason why your should Hire a coordinator for your wedding

1) While yes your decided venue may offer an onsite coordinator, they are limited in the services they can offer.  As an third party, we have access to more vendors and suppliers to ensure that your vision stays intact. Also there may be additional discounts or services available with vendors that your would not normally have access to.

2) Wedding coordinators and planners are all about organization and perfections. Therefore we love lists, schedules and timelines. You can bet that we have a template for everything you could possibly think of. We even have list for vendors and suppliers.

3) Just because you and your fiance have set a budget doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice aspect of your wedding that are important to you. There are ways to still have a elegant and luxurious wedding on a tight budget.

4) Having a wedding coordinator is like have your very own wedding personal assistant and an insider look in to the wedding world. The best part is that you always have some one to talk weddings with.

5) As a wedding coordinator we will fight for YOUR vision. This means negotiating and mediating between family and friends. We will also ensure that everything stays on track.

6) Should a wedding and reception take place at the same location, wedding coordinators are skilled in the art of Ceremony to reception flipping. We have the ability to make this transition happen seamlessly.  Then there is the clean up. We take care of that as well. This is perfect so that it does not fall on the shoulders of your friends and family.

7) As previously stated, you have more than likely started your pintrest board, but you are unsure how to bring those ideas to reality. This is another way that we can help. With our connections and know how we can make your dreams a reality.

Now that you have decided you hire someone to handle all of the boring "adulting" you and your fiance can enjoy each other and just being engaged with out all the added stress of making sure all the small details are taken care of.