I know that there are a million things running through your mind as your wedding day approaches and you feel like there in not enough time to get it all done. You want your wedding to be a celebration of the love that you and your finance share that also showcases the personalities of the both of you. When it comes to décor makes sure that you don’t over look these key areas, as they are often overlooked but they make a big impact.


This is the first and last thing your guests will see as they enter and leave the venue. This is the perfect place to get the party started and add your fun and amazing personality.

Rustic themed +wedding + Program alternitive.jpg

The Bathrooms:

Now don’t go overboard but adding some flowers or even some tulle over the stall doors can really brighten up even the dullest of powder rooms. Like I said it does not have to be too fancy, but it is an overlooked area so why not add some décor.

Bathroom Decor + Tulle + Flowers.jpg

The Aisle:

Every wedding is going to have the alter decorated so why not bring that décor down the aisle. Add Small bits of flower or even some lanterns to really set a beautiful scene.


The Bar:

Now this will be one of the most popular spots at the reception, so why have it decorated? Adding some flowers or even adding décor to the linens is a great way to personalize without making it too difficult for the guests to visit thought out the night.

Coffee Bar + Decor + Wedding

The Cake Table:

DO NOT OVER DO IT!!! The décor should be subtle and understated as to not draw the attention away from your focal point, Your cake.


By adding just a few décor items to these 5 areas you are adding your personality and love in a simple way that is totally you. Many couple seem to forget or just simply overlook them but by adding a few items here and there, it really can make all the difference.

And Remember

Be Different, Be Unique BE YOU!!!