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Personalized attire for Him and Her.

Every girl dreams of having that custom-made dress. That dress that looks and feels as though it is one of a kind. You are not a cookie cutter bride, that means that you should not have a dress that is the same as other brides. Having a dress  customized makes it unique, and that makes it perfect.

Make it personal

To make it personal, feel free to tie in your something old something new, something borrowed, something blue. A broach from your mother or grandmother is a great way to customize your dress and honor your family past or present

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Add sleeves or a wrap.

By adding sleeves to a dress that is strapless can offer extra support or coverage. They can be cap, straps or even long sleeves. If you want a less permanent option, there are wraps and shawls as well as jackets.

Buttons and zippers are out.

No body wants to spend all that time buttoning up what will feel like a million buttons, and zippers can get stuck or break. A'int nobody got time for that. Turn it into a corset closure. It will offer a dramatic look that is functional as well, such as extra breathing room.

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Bustle it up.

Trains should have bustles. You don’t want the train of your dress dragging on the floor during the reception. Adding a bustle to your dress will help avoid others stepping or tripping on or over it when you turn around. There is nothing worse than when someone steps on your train and rips your beautiful dress.


Embellish the hell out of it.

Feel free to add or reduce the amount of bling on your dress. You have so much control over every detail of your dress

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Pocket squares.

There are so many places that you can get a pocket square. However, if you want a personalized pocket square for his tux, Knotty Tie & Co can’t be beat.


Let him choose shoes that he loves. They may not be the black oxfords that you want him to wear but can still add the personality of your special guy. I think the saying is it's not the clothes that make the man... what they don't say is that its really the shoes. This also goes for women. I talk about shoes for her in adding personality to your wedding

SOCKS, who knew?

Socks can make a powerful statement as to who your man really is. He should stand out from the rest of the guys, why not let him have the silly socks? This doesn't have to be just for men. I mean I know that when I was in middle school I had to wear a uniform and the only way that I could express myself was in my footwear and my sock. I remember my favorite pair were a pair of bright yellow big bird knee highs. 

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Cuff Links don’t have to be boring

They are a great way to add more sentimental value for years to come. They can be an amazing keepsake or even become a family heirloom.

Make your attire as unique and amazing as you are.

And Remember

Be Different, Be Unique BE YOU!!!