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Being a wedding coordinator there are stresses that come with the title. However, nothing can compare to the stress of planning and coordinating the wedding of a family member. This is a totally different kind of stress. It's happy and good, because you are bringing a smile and joy to your family’s face. Allowing them to have a completely stress-free event is everything to them, and they are everything to you.


My dad and step-mom got married in June of 2016 in Driftwood TX. Now this a 4-hour drive for me.  I made this drive several times in a short period of time to meet with vendors and finalize details, as they booked me in March of 2016 (3 Months, I had 3 months to plan a wedding from start to finish). I did not have anything booked for that time, so it was impossible for me to say no when my dad asked.  As the wedding date grew near there was more talk of the procession.  Since there was a blending of families they wanted in incorporate all the children and grandchildren. Now this was going to be tricky since I was also coordinating the wedding. It took some finagling, but I was able to make their dream and vision a reality.


I attended a wedding later that year in October, where the venue coordinator did not show up. I saw the amount of stress the mother of the bride was under. She was running around as though she had no clue which way was up. Now I was not the venue coordinator, but I walked asked what I could do to help. I was not going to charge her anything; I genuinely wanted to take the stress from her so that she could enjoy her daughter’s wedding without worrying about a timeline or what to do next, and I could see that she was drowning.


A wedding should be a completely stress-free event for the couple as well as their families. It is a time for celebration, joy and happiness. No couple should have to put that amount of stress on themselves. I know that I bend over backwards for my family and my couples. The feeling I get when I look on the newlywed’s faces when they have just had the perfect wedding is the most amazing feeling in the world and when that couple is a member of our own families, there is nothing else that can compare.