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What Is An Unplugged Wedding?

An unplugged wedding is where you ask your guests to turn off their phones, cameras, tablets, and other mobile devices during your ceremony. You have hired a professional for a reason and you want the best pictures possible. 

Couples usually have a cute sign made asking guests to not use their phones. 

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What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits to having an unplugged wedding, but here are just 7 common reasons to consider an unplugged big day:

1) Having a guest use their device can take away from the pictures that you are actually paying for. The phone flashes will interfere with the photographer and at that point the picture is ruined. Then there is the possibility of having a strange shadow and lighting in the professional photos. 

2) Did you know that your phone or tablet camera has a red or green dot in the focusing mechanism? Well they do and this can show up in other photos. 

3) We all know that one person who never turns their phone volume down. (I have been guilty of this several times) Well that phone is going to make a ton of noise while you and your fiance are professing your love for one another. This is a MAJOR distraction for your other guests. 

4) Another distraction it using a tablet to take pictures. I mean come on that thing is massive and you know that EVERYONE and their mom is going to notice. Let just say you have a professional photographer taking a shot from the back of the ceremony site and one of your guests has that massive tablet out taking a picture from where they are sitting. You and I both know that when you get that picture that is going to be the focal point and not you and your fiance. 

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5) So people who are taking their own pictures will often times move to get a better shot. Well a lot of the times when they move they move right in the way of the photographer, that you have paid. 

6) and if they are not in the way of the photographer and they are crowded around him instead this can leave the people in the picture looking in 50 different directions and he is not able to the shot. 

7) you want all of your guest to be present at you wedding and for them to have a good time and enjoy the day. Well if they are taking pictures then they are unable to. 

We highly recommend having your wedding unplugged, but if you don't want one, that is fine too. it is your wedding so you do you. If you have any questions concerning this or how to unplug your wedding, feel free to contact us and we can chat.

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